Online Giving

At First Baptist Church, we offer a number of ways to give online.

Online Banking

Most banks today provide free online banking which enables you to setup a recurring donation to our church. This is setup through your bank’s website or mobile banking app. This cost is usually free and does not cost the church anything either. It typically comes in the mail in the form of a check that our office will process as if you had written it and dropped it in the offering plate. For more information, please contact your financial institution.

Text Giving/Online Giving

We have updated our provider for online and text giving. If you would like to give online or via text, please register here first –
Once you have completed the initial setup, you will be able to give online by logging on to your account here
Or, simply text the code of the account you want to give toward (see below) and the amount you want to donate to 254-273-1356. For example “Budget 100” without the quotes would make a $100 contribution to the General Budget account. Other possible codes are “Building Fund”, “Food Pantry”, or “Youth”. For a full list of codes, contact the church office at 254-559-2295.
For more information about text giving or online giving, please visit our online giving instructions page –

*Refund Policy

First Baptist Church Breckenridge is registered with the IRS as a 501(c) (3), non-profit organization, and making donations to this ministry is tax deductible. The IRS requires control of the funds be released to First Baptist Church Breckenridge for the donation to be tax deductible. The donor absolutely and irrevocably divests himself of title, dominion and control of the gift. All designations are treated as non-binding suggestions. Funds that are given as a charitable contribution are nonrefundable.