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What a crazy time it has been.  Who would have thought that we would have celebrated Easter Sunday without being able to be together physically?  Praise God that we had the means to gather online and be connected spiritually!  I hope you joined us to worship, I hope you had time with your family, and I hope that we will be reminded every day of the living hope we have in Jesus Christ.  Easter looked much different, but the truth of what that day represents, and the victory that Jesus brings remains the same, and for that I hope your heart continues to rejoice!  A huge thank you to each of you who took part in our creative Easter reading video.  It was so wonderful to see many of your faces.  My heart was so encouraged.  What a great way to show that we are together.  It was such a powerful statement to show that although the church can’t gather together physically, the church is alive and well!  What a good reminder that the people are the church, not a building.  Our job to spread the Gospel remains the same, and I pray we would continue to seek ways of how to show Jesus to others in all that we do!


     DISCIPLESHIP RESOURCES:  It is important for us to stay connected and continue to grow in our faith.  I want to remind you of some free resources that you can use right at home!  You can continue doing Bible Studies, trainings, and even have specific topic related series to walk through.  Some of you are already utilizing these things, and we want everyone to take full advantage of them especially as we walk through this time.  We are blessed to have free access to countless amazing resources/studies that are offered to you online at RightNow Media.  If you go to it will walk you through setting up an account.  Then anytime you want, you can go to and have free unlimited access to Bible Studies, Sermons, Kids Resources, shows, and so much more.  If you need any help at all in getting set up or how to use RightNow Media do not hesitate to contact me.


     SUNDAY WORSHIP SCHEDULE:  Don’t forget each week on Sunday Mornings at 11:00am we will join together for our Online Worship Service.  This service can also be heard on the radio.


Watch and join us online at:

Listen in on K-Lakes 93.5FM or via online:


     As we continue walking through our series in the book of Romans don’t forget about our interactive Virtual Home Group with one another each Sunday night at 6:00pm via FB live.  We would love for you to be a part of that with us as well.  You can access that video online on our Facebook Page at


     WORSHIP MINISTRY:  Every week that goes by makes me long even more for the week that we will be back together.  Thank you to many of you for the encouragement during this time.  As we wait and work towards getting back together continue to pray, continue to worship, and be ready!  I am so grateful for this team and this ministry.

Be sure to stay in the loop.  Even though things look much different, it is more important than ever to make sure we stay connected.  We will be sure to update you regularly on any changes.  We love you!  Seek the Lord in all things, and hope to see you all soon!

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