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     This past Sunday, Easter Sunday, we celebrated the victory that we have in Christ.  Christ is the victor.  Jesus is the victorious King of kings who defeated sin and death.  He humbled himself to be crucified by creatures that he created and sustains.  He subjected himself to them, and allowed them to beat him with material he created, and hang him on a tree that he spoke into existence.  But, make no mistake, we were there.  We mocked and spat on him.  We wagged our heads and said “save yourself”.  We cried out “crucify,” but this was God’s decree.  The only reason we can claim Christian is that tree, that death of the beloved Son, was our death.  We, the cursed, crucified the BLESSED, so that the BLESSED became a curse for us, and in exchange He calls us who believe in Him, BLESSED.  This was the Great Exchange in history.  Jesus did not have His life taken, he laid it down for us.  But, the good news was that not only did Christ die for us, He resurrected on the third day in accordance with the scriptures.  He overcame our greatest enemy.  Because Christ rose from the dead, so we too, when we die, will live because of His atonement on our behalf.  We cannot claim Christian any other way.  Christ, and Christ alone makes us Christian through faith.  If you haven’t come to Christ by faith alone in His work alone, come today!  I challenge you, believe in Christ and ask Him to save you today. 

     This week we will continue our Virtual Bible Study on Wednesday at 5:00pm we will finish chapter one in 2 Peter.  You can join us on Facebook live (FBC Breckenridge Youth) or live interactions on Zoom.  Our meeting number is 526-869-4338 and Password: fbcbreck.  Join us this Wednesday.

     Also, this Sunday, we will start a new series.  Join us on Facebook live and Zoom Sunday morning at 9:45am for Bible Study and then worship at 11 on our church Facebook page First Baptist Church Breckenridge.

     Youth Camp, at this point everything is as normal for Camp.  They have a meeting this week to discuss what summer will look like at Glorieta.  So please pray, and I’ll keep us posted about this summer.

Jesus Lives!




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